MCC Investment and Leasing co.Ltd.
MCC Investment and Leasing co.Ltd.
Operating as MCC Finance

About Us

We sell Private Bank Loans at Low annual debit interest!:
MCC Finance Ltd., the Medley Capital Corporation (MCC) -NYSE, part of MCC Investment and Leasing Company Co. Ltd. ( Singapore )
is a creative financial institution that provides low interest rate private loans free of hidden costs. MCC Investment and Leasing Ltd. is a creative financial institution that provides low interest better than any normal Bank Institution

Let explain in brief what we can do and what we cannot:
For your project funding we can arrange a Private Sales of Private Funds, that is different form a Bank Loan, normally issued by the banks institute,
In our case, Private Bank Loan, is a service issued from a private company that will rent to a private borrower, the funds arranged on a debit line, built for your project, as a tailor made solution.

Project Finance Solutions
Project Finance is a product specialty embedded in the Power & Renewables coverage group due to the Energy-heavy focus of the product.
M.C.C. stands as the only private swiss & UK holding financial institution among its peers that consistently ranks in the top five in league tables in each of project finance advisory,
project loan arranging and project bond underwriting – the three key financial services offered in the sector.

Commodities finance is the possibility for a Trader to buy and resell Oils with a Joint Venture Financial Agreement (JVFA) with our Oils corporations that will finance the transaction and split the markup 50% by the parties with this financial strategy, we help a lot of small trading company to perform their Oils/Commodities Deals!

Project Finance and Privatisation
The private and public sector is regularly confronted with financing (e.g. major construction projects) and restructuring questions (e.g. spin-off of state-owned businesses into separate legal entities, partial or complete privatisation of state-owned enterprises).

Our specialists will support government departments in such undertakings with their far-reaching skills and their experience of similar projects.

Corporate and Private Investment/ Currency Exchange & Import/Export of funds
We are able to let a big investor from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Africa ,Asia, and other regions – to import their money into Europe and invest “legally” in a Safe/TAX free and totally anonymous way!
Our banks Proof of funds, History of Funds or Passport of the Legal Representative ( the Owner of the funds! )

We will never ask for source of funds or any documents.
We will simply sell a certificate of share from our Bank Holding Company ( Anonymous Certificate of share ) via Notary and fiduciary service to the owner.
The Holding will income the funds and the our (Financial Service Provider) and Investment ( another Anonymous Joint-Stock company ) will invest such funds on behalf the owner in a very private way.

We are registered and authorized FSP and FCA.